Municipal Credit Service Corp - Better Business Bureau

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8672 Bird Road, Suite 208, Miami, FL 33155 BBB Non-Accredited F Rating. On a scale of A+ to F Reason for Rating BBB Ratings...

This one of the Reasons:

BBB investigation by ABC News 20/20

This is so powerful. So many people trust the BBB as a standard for reliable information on businesses and company's. HOWEVER- when you see what they do to people- it is amazing! We had an issue with the BBB a few years ago with a company who did work on our home. We filed a complaint. They were "accredited" with the BBB - meaning they paid them to be a member- and when our complaint was filed- not even 10 days later we got a letter from them stating that the case was resolved and they were no longer going to be assisting us. They said the company claimed they did no wrong and that was good enough for the BBB. Case closed!!! We were shocked. No mediation. No help. The BBB is NOT reliable. For more interesting inside information on the BBB go to:
You will be amazed!!

¿Por qué Municipal Credit Service Corp NO es un miembro del Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

¿Qué usted debe saber sobre el Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

El Better Business Bureau (bbb) NO es una agencia del gobierno, ni es controlado por un organismo gubernamental, todo lo contrario es una organización privada... con millones de ingresos anuales derivados de las cuotas de afiliación que recibe de las empresas sobre las que informa... su táctica es la de incentivar primero a un comerciante publicando calificaciones en su sitio web, basándoce en datos de personas que solicitan información sobre su negocio...

Municipal Credit Service Corp - Better Business Bureau

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